Trevor and Alexandra's Wedding

On this wonderful and sunny May day, Alexandra and Trevor decided to tie a knot in a very cozy and private wedding in Montreal’s Old Port. The day started at the bride’s getting ready. Alexandra was getting ready for this special day at one of the lofts situated in the heart of the Old Port above L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel, where later on her and Trevor had their ceremony as well as reception. 

While at the loft, everyone was enjoying themselves, there were no stress, just lots of laughs. The bride was very happy and elegant. The dress was very delicate and Alexandra appear graceful in it. 

While Polina took pictures of the bride and her entourage at the loft, Varvara was taking pictures of the happy groom and his family while he was getting ready. Trevor seemed to be very excited and spoke about his wife-to-be with a constant smile on his face. He could not wait to marry Alexandra.

Since the day was very warm, we decided to take the couple on a walk through the Old Port and take their portraits before the ceremony. We walked to one of the metal constructions by the water and took our shots to show the opposition of elegance of the Old City’s architecture, modern style and, of course, sensuality of two people in love. Alexandra and Trevor did not need a lot of direction from their photographers, they were so natural in their way of showcasing their love, that we could not stop taking pictures of these two smiling at each other.

After couple’s shoot, we returned to L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel where guests already started arriving. In a very simple but gentle ceremony, Alexandra and Trevor promised to love each other till the end of days in front of their families and friends. 

We were very delighted to be a part of their special day, and we wish them many many happy years together.